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Welcome to Arbitrageurâ„¢

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   Welcome to Arbitrageur™ the most advanced and reliable arbitrage software available on the market! Arbitrageur™ is a world-class arbitrage-trading platform for use with MetaTrader 4.

One of the widely used strategies in the forex trading is arbitrage. Most of the time financial markets are in equilibrium, but occasionally they become out of sync and arbitrageurs can make a profit from price discrepancy.

   Arbitrageurs can often be found in currency markets. Financial markets have the advantage of being quite liquid, so you don't take the risk of acquiring an asset that may take some time to close position. Costs of buying and selling are generally not a problem in currency markets, as the transaction costs are minimal for currency transactions. Since foreign currency markets are an ideal environment for arbitrageurs, arbitrage opportunities tend to be limited, as any discrepancies in exchange rates tend to be corrected quite quickly by investors trying to exploit those differences. That's the reason, why traders need the best software like Arbitrageur™.

   Differences of quotes between brokers occur all over the time - it's a fact! Watch them live: Our specialized arbitrage software is dedicated to constant monitoring of quotes provided by brokers. Once the arbitrage opportunity is spotted, Arbitrageur™ immediately reacts in a manner predefined by user. Two opposite orders can be opened i.e. forex broker A: buy EURUSD at 1.35000 and broker B: sell same symbol at 1.35060. Window of opportunity lasts for only a short time ( usually from milliseconds, seconds to minutes ). Sooner or later prices will come back to similar, balanced level. Then it's good time to close positions. One of closed orders is in profit and the other in loss. We don't care about market direction! The profitable one is greater in our case. Considering payment of two spreads i.e. 1.5 pip each transaction, our profit is ~4.5 pips. 

   Arbitrageur™ can do it all fast and automatically. Manual execution is also possible. You can open opposite orders during synchronized quotes and let the software wait for profitable opportunity to close positions whenever it happens. Our recommendation is to use Auto Trading with predefined settings. This means we can catch the best moment to enter and the best moment to exit.

   Most of the time, profitable opportunity value ranges under 10 pips but higher values occur as well. There are a lot of threads on internet forums about significant price discrepancies between many brokers. Some brokers tend to be slower than other, some just "stop quoting" for a while and some probably change prices intentionally.

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   Arbitrage is constantly used by big financial institutions which hire best programmers and don't offer arbitrage solutions for public. That’s why they can spot opportunities quickly and do the transaction in milliseconds. From now on, You can do it too. There is always potential for arbitrage, especially in not centralized Forex market. Be able to exploit arbitrage opportunities by deploying Arbitrageur™ - the leading, complex, arbitrage platform.


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In today’s business environment, you need great operational applications to compete effectively. The architecture of Arbitrageur™- best-of-class application,  allows you to easily deploy it on modern computers or on advanced processing stations. This allows you to concentrate on adding value to your specialized systems, while simultaneously benefiting from a great financial program.   Discover professional features of our software and possibilities of arbitrage. Feel free to try the Demo version first before buying, to make sure you are happy with our product.

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   Whether you need reliable hedging facility, complete arbitrage toolset for day-to-day use, manage arbitrage strategies for clients' accounts or just want to sporadically exploit price discrepancies, we offer the right Arbitrageur™ edition for your application.
Box Arbitrageur Standard

Arbitrageur™ Standard

   This specialized program keeps high standards which a trade must meet before it will initiate any execution. Arbitrageur™ Standard places orders fast and automatically, relying on own unique, complex algorithms.

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Box Arbitrageur Advanced

Arbitrageur™ Advanced

Arbitrageur™ Advanced is a robust arbitrage software specifically designed to manage transactions on up to 10 MetaTrader 4 accounts/brokers. Arbitrageur™ Advanced performs order execution and manage open positions according to user-cofigurable business rules.

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Box Arbitrageur Pro

Arbitrageur™ Pro

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